Course curriculum

  • 01

    Ready to Manage Your Copyright Issues?

    • A Video Message from Lesley Ellen Harris

    • Introduction to this Course

    • Before We Begin ...

  • 02

    Copyright Principles

    • Introduction to Copyright Principles

    • Duration, Rights, Limitations, and International Copyright

    • Can You Tell Copyright Myths from Facts? Test Your Knowledge

    • Highlight: The Leading International Copyright Treaty—The Berne Convention

    • General Definition of the Public Domain

    • The Public Domain in the U.S.

    • Highlight: 10 Essential Copyright Facts (No Myths Here!)

    • Quiz: Copyright Principles

    • Further Information Resources for Copyright Principles

  • 03

    Acquiring Rights

    • The Right to Use Content

    • Highlight: The U.S. Work for Hire Provision

    • Highlight: The Canadian Employment Provision

    • The Publishing Agreement and Copyright Clauses

    • Highlight: Copyright Registration and Related Responsibilities

    • Quiz: Analyze Publishing Agreement Concepts and Clauses

    • Further Information Resources for Acquiring Rights

  • 04

    Check-In with your Instructor

    • Questions or Concerns?

  • 05

    Using Third-Party Content and Clearing Permissions

    • Using Third-Party Content

    • Highlight: Creating a Third-Party Permissions Database

    • Permissions and Licenses

    • The Permissions Clearing Process

    • Rights Clearance Scenarios

    • Managing Permissions Requests and Grants

    • Highlight: Building Your Copyright Permissions Request Letter

    • Fair Use, Creative Commons Licenses and Stock Agencies

    • Misconceptions About Using Third-Party Content

    • Highlight: A Summary of the Six Creative Commons Licenses

    • Quiz: Using Third-Party Content and Clearing Permissions

    • Further Information Resources for Using Third-Party Content and Clearing Permissions

  • 06

    Exploiting and Enforcing Rights

    • Using the International Copyright Symbol

    • Watch the U.S. Copyright Office Copyright Registration Video

    • Copyright Registration

    • Subsidiary Rights

    • Highlight: Electronic Publishing and Publishing Newsletters and Magazines

    • Monitoring for Unauthorized Uses

    • Enforcing Your Rights

    • Quiz: Exploiting and Enforcing Rights

    • Further Information Resources for Exploiting and Enforcing Rights

  • 07

    Best Practices for Managing Copyright Issues in Publishing

    • Best Practices for Managing Copyright Issues in Publishing

  • 08

    Further Information Summary

    • Further Information Summary and Links for this Course

  • 09

    Final Quiz

    • Final Quiz

  • 10

    Next Steps...

    • Congratulations! Here's What's Next ...

    • Before You Go ...

    • Download Your Certificate and Thank You!